4R Solo Cone Cups
4R Solo Cone Cups Sleeve price.
HTB12 12 oz. Col Cups
HTB12 12oz. Cold Clear Cup 1000 per case Great for Iced Teas or Iced Coffee.
HTP16 16oz. Cold Clear Cup 1000 per case Great Pint Glass For Beer,Soda etc..
HTB20 Honor
HTB20 20 oz. Cold Cups Clear 1000 per case Great Iced Tea Cup as well as Iced Coffee!!!
HTP24 Cold Clear Cups
HTP24 24oz. Cold Cups Clear 600 per case.
F92 Cold Cup Lids Clear
F92 Cold Cup Lids- Clear- 1000 per case (for HTB12 Cup).
F98 Lids (cold cup)
F98 Lids for HTB16,HTB 20,HTB24 1000/case.


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